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Hii~ so since I promised myself to do more of what I like: family, friends, travelling, my fandoms, gaming, drawing, as I have more time now compared before (imagine Overtime for 3 hours almost everyday 😭 in my previous work) hopefully I'll be more active here as well as my pages in Facebook:

1 - Ryosuke Yamada Philippines FC

2 - Hey! Say!Jump World Official

3 - Hey Say JUMP Tobikko Philippines (we are trying to be more active and had our first event last December for the TobikkoPH Christmas party 2018^^)
(If you're a fellow fan, feel free to add and like the pages for updates, contests and event~ /plugging lol)
P.S: I will be adding people back if they are fellow tobikkos/Johnnys fans ^^

That was a long intro. Haha
So~ I'm Alla (pronounced as a-li-ya). I'm a Filipina who is a Japan fangirl. I have been a Johnnys Jimusho fangirl since mid 2000s ~ so my first JE loves were Yamapi, Matsujun, Toma and Kamechan ^___^
Also finally, I went to Japan last April 2018! 🌸
We went to Osaka for now, then visited Kyoto and Nara^^
December 2019 - I was able to go to Tokyo!

My hobbies/likes are:

💖Johnnys fangirl

➡️ Hey! Say! Jump fan/Tobikko since their debut on 2007.
Ichiban: Yamada Ryosuke.
I've been his fangirl since mid 2007 - before Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! JUMP. Its because of him that I became a Tobikko ♡

I was able to go to Hey! Say! JUMP's First Asia Tour concert in Hong Kong back in 2012 ^^ MYGAD! When the curtain went down, my eyes instantly searched for Yamada then when I spotted him.. I started to cry! really!^^; but yes, it was happy tears!

And what an adrenaline rush!! Because of that, I cant remember much of the song line up lol but I was soo ecstatic at that time that beatline and dash was performed! Also, I remember my friend telling me Chi was looking at our side and waving and to raise my Chinen uchiwa, which I did and waved it lol (and hid my Yamada Uchiwa for a while) and he freaking smiled at me!!! @_____@ /died  LOL XD

I was also able to attend Hey! Say! JUMP concert in Taiwan as well as Parade concert last January 2020 ^^

Ichiban: Sakurai Sho
➡️ Yamapi
➡️Ikuta Toma


🎸🎶 One Ok Rock fan (pic c/o me: OOR concert in MOA arena last January 29)I was able to go to their concerts here in Manila last 2016 and 2018.
~ Ichiban: Toru

🎸🎶: Scandal fan
~ Ichiban: Mami

💻: Otaku/anime fan

🎮: Gamer. Ps4 console

~ Final Fantasy fangirl
~ faves: Persona series, Pokemon, Animal crossing, Kingdom hearts


💚 I love Matcha

🐱🐈 I love cats as well as dogs 🐶🐕
Pets: cats...lotsa cats XD

⚡ Harry Potter fan


✏🖌I like to sketch/draw and I just started digital art last November ^^
my instagram for my arts: https://www.instagram.com/ayayamada.artsy/
My twitter for arts: https://twitter.com/AyaYamada_artsy

Sooo yeah that's it for now and hope to meet fellow fans and new friends here 🤗🤗🤗

♡ Alla Yamada

山田涼介, Yamada Ryosuke


Its interesting and I just realized this.. I dmed my friend before (March) in a calm way and ended my message with, I wasnt angry etc, just disappointed and she can dm me if she needs a friend. (She didnt replied until today)

...then her reply to me was all blame and hate, telling me that I'm the one that's close minded and she was the one who adjusted for me...and she said that she hopes I take my own advices as well and value my friends as I have so many other friends.. *sigh*

I also just realized...my message to her was calm and I didnt blame her for anything, just disappointed, and the last part of my message was if she needs a friend, I'm just here.
While her dm was all hate and blame... :(

This will be my last entry about this as I did the first post to just move on and record what happened to me, I didnt blame her now, but her reaction and actions were so below the belt tsk.
山田涼介, Yamada Ryosuke

Wow!! Pft

Please. Don't act as if you're the victim here. I already opened up to you before. Now if you have something against me or doesn't like something about me, you could have said it. Not bringing up the past when we already resolved that!! I opened up to you because I saw you as a friend. Do not put the blame on me. Its not me who left a friend hanging and alone in a foreign country!
Aaaand you unfriended me in fb. Wow so, who's the guilty one here?
山田涼介, Yamada Ryosuke

Well someone removed me as admin

Just wow.
I don't know what to react when I got this notification.
Removed as admin from Ryosuke Yamada PH and Hey Say Jump world.
I never said that I'll stop being an admin and I update there regularly :-/

Please.. do not push me..

Falling apart...

This is a bit TLDR...so gomen/sorry ^^;;I feel that I need to let this all out...some of my friends already knows about this...
All of us would encounter people that some would end up as your friends or acquaintances, some would also end up as your close friends. It's normal that some friendships would fade after some time, and that's okay, some would have a not so good friendship though. 

I have my share of that experience..
I consider this person as a my close friend and we are both tobikkos/fangirls as well so its good right? So for years, we have been through a lot, its normal to have little arguments sometimes as I think this would strengthen the friendship right? we even recently went on a vacation outside the country! 

Now last year things turned sour.. I really consider this person as a close friend however, I would notice that she would sometimes be aloof when we're together or would prefer the other person's company. I am a sensitive person but of course, I just enjoyed our vacation, plus there was a JUMP concert and we went sightseeing. I opened up to her though before our next trip, what I felt etc, we had a little misunderstanding the year before and we were able to talk about it and we were able to patch things up then. So when we talked about it, so all were good, however during the trip, after a few days, she would always walk ahead whenever we go sightseeing, walk really fast eventhough she said she would match my pace or I'll just tell her which places I also want to go. Unfortunately some time during this vacation, I felt that she didn't want my company. Even going back home when we were in the airport, walking back, she was like 6-8 feet ahead of me always. I was like um...eh? (a big question mark on my head)

This wasn't the end though, on our Christmas party, I would message her beforehand about the preparations and what time she can come etc but no reply. When she arrived, not a hi or hello to me. Okay, I was busy anyway with handling the program and guests..

Fast forward to another trip this year January (in Fukuoka). All were good until the time I went to the airport a day early as I have an earlier flight back to the PH. Due to the Taal volcano tho, my flight was cancelled, I dmed my friend about it and she said just stay there, its safe here etc. I told her that, my flight was cancelled and I don't know when the next flight will be and I don't know where to go...and she didn't replied anymore....Imagine...I'm alone in the airport, I don't know anyone in the flight as we were told to go down the airplane then grab our luggage, it was night time, It was already around 10pm and the airport in Fukuoka closes at 11pm, I don't know where to go, my friend doesn't reply to me anymore... ...but the good thing was that the friend that toured me was monitoring me and she told me to go to their house, if I can make it etc. I had to hold my tears during this time going to her house via train, take note the ride took 1 hour @_@ ....

So yup, I told my mom about this when I finally got home 2 days later in Manila...she was so angry..my dad, I rarely see him mad, he was sooooo furious. My other friends were so sympathetic towards me, even when I was in Japan, one asked if I need money and she'll lend me some if I need it... I was like omg...this friend of mine is MILES APART, is in my home country...and she offered to help me... 
So I just dmed my friend, my mom told me to thank her for the tickets etc then stop messaging her (mom said if she she'll see her in person, she'll lecture her and if she was in my position, she knows that I'll do everything to help her...) ....buut my friend just seenzoned or never replied.. so yup.. I think I did everything right? I gave my friend 3 chances already... sadly tho, she's one of my close fangirl friends...in the end she just left me hanging...

I just wanted to make this entry so as to just get this in writing and move forward. This is a reminder or a wake up call as well I think, we should value our family and friends more. Never take them for granted. Also for me, I learn to value more the people who sympathized with me, those who dmed me while I was stuck in Japan...I was surprised so many dmed me as flights were cancelled..even my parents, my mom was panicking and told dad to contact his client who was a pilot etc etc... 

In the end...I learned a lot during this experience. I learned that some friendships doesn't last, but you would learn a lot from it. Looking back, I realize that experience, being forced into that situation of being along in a foreign country at the same time your friend not helping you....made me stronger..

To add tho..I'm not angry at that person...I am just extremely disappointed... 😞

Johnny's World: Top of the J-pops (January 27, 2013)

Repost from my previous LJ account: https://kamiya16.livejournal.com/3146.html
I wrote a lot there lol I remember typing away on my laptop while watching this on NHK world. I posted this after watching the documentary.

So as tribute to Johnny Kitagawa, I am reposting this and used new screenshots from the video I have now with some minor edits.

Enjoy :)

REPOST FROM 01.27.2013

Hi everyone! So I just watched Johnny's World: Top of the Jpops in NHK World. Actually this was the 2nd time as I watched it as well this morning at 7am. Initial reaction when I got the email from JE *fangirlscreamthenfaints*

Johnny's World

Anyway below is what happened^^

SO~ Miki Sumiyoshi was the reporter who interviewed Johnny.

Miki Sumiyoshi

Johnny Kitagawa

As we all know Johnny's Entertainment is very popular in Japan, but what made it so successful and so appealing to its audience? Miki Sumiyoshi interviewed Johnny Kitagawa but his face was not shown. We would all think that he would call all the shots on what project would a certain talent do. He said that he would only sit on the sidelines, he would only pay attention to the audience's reaction during a concert or a show without anyone noticing.

This was indeed a rare chance as they permitted them to shoot backstage while the talents would rehearse for Johnny's World.

JE Backstage

Hey Say JUMP

Oh and btw NHK World...Hey! Say! JUMP has 9 members...not 7... @_@ anyhoo, during the rehearsals, Johnny would only watch, they are being trained to be independent even at such a young age.

Yamada Ryosuke: (my ichibaaaan!...yes i screamed so early in the morning lol had a slacklining act (aka tight rope) in which he was practicing for which will take place above the audience. He is scared of heights but he deliberately chose this act.

Yamada Ryosuke - practicing slackline

Yamada Ryosuke - NHK interview

(ain't he adorable?? ^3^ ~ )

*slaps self back to reality* @_@

Johnny also mentioned that he doesn't show his face because he is not a performer. The highlight should be on the talents themselves. Like mentioned before, he is present during the cons to see the fans' reactions and based on what he would hear, he would then make changes. Yup...so every concert showing would be different (should have bought two showings last HSJ Asia tour con in HK..lol) but the crew is used to it, as Johnny would like to try out different things.

During rehearsals, while the talents would rehearse their lines and of course some problems would arise like how should they go about a certain scene, a certain line etc, Johnny would just watch and listen to them. The talents are given challenges to work on themselves and perhaps to see their sense of maturity on how to deal with different problems and situations.


Yuya mentioned that sometimes, Johnny would go out and buy food for them since they're his boss and most boss wouldnt do that (awww :3)

Daiki shared that one time when Johnny called him, he was just acting casually, when his mom asked him who it was and he said it was Johnny, she got mad because he was just talking normally to his boss :P

Hideaki Takizawa aka Tackey is mentioned as one of the top stars and sometimes argues with Johnny when they disagree, its a chance to see what he's serious about and Johnny would encourage him to change his mind, sometimes he would contradict him but seeing Johnny like this, he thinks he is really serious.

A little background on Johnny Kitagawa. He was born in the US, Los Angeles, his family came to Japan after he was born but can't go back because of the war. It was only after the 2nd world war that they were able to go back to the US. His father managed a Buddhist Temple there. While he was in the US, he became fascinated with musicals and plays. On 1945, he made friends with the Japanese actors who were in the US that time. Then at 1960, he formed a baseball team called Johnnys.

And during this time, he came across a musical called West Side Story, and he was stunned and overwhelmed because of the songs and dancing so he took his team to watch it and they wanted to do the same. Thus the four member baseball fans became the first group called Johnnys.

Now, we all know that Johnny would spare no expense to provide the fans an extravagant show, it would be impossible to imagine the entertainment world today without Johnny's.
There are costumes/outfits for 180 performers and there are 3000 costumes in all, some with illuminations and sparkles!

The all male talents are described as the next door type celebrities ;P

JE rehearsals

All the cast would give and discuss the script and find the best dialogue. Again, Johnny was just watching them talk and sort out the problem.

As we all know, there is the Johnny's Jr, back up dancers for the main idols waiting for their own debut. But from what I saw, even at a young age, they were taught to be responsible, that yes they are treated differently because they are juniors but they should learn to be mature and to be able to think for themselves. The older idols would also help out their kohais like the saying that all talents in Johnny's are able to do back flip : (ehem Sho, ehem XP)

Yuto teaching the juniors to tap dance

Domoto Koiichi

Domoto Koichi shared that when he started in the agency, he couldn't dance at all! But they were trained to so since they were kids. In this process, you would learn gradually on your own to do all these things. Koichi was constantly told that he was the worst but he heard from the other talents that Johnny would compliment whoever deserves it. (lol, poor Koichi XP but he's one of the most well known talent now in JE ^^)

Miki mentioned that a lot of boys would love to be in Johnny's Jimusho and what would it take to be in it. He said, he wasn't looking for something in particular, enthusiasm is not enough of course but of course having a talent is a plus as well. He also mentioned that the talents are above him. What he does is to guide them to independence as they grow up since they are part of Johnnys at an early age. For example, a junior's grandfather died, his parents were divorced and he was living with his mom and grandparents, but now his grandfather is gone. But he was impressed with this junior as he didn't let this affect him. He said that each boy has a talent of life..meaning each boy has his own strength and maybe it is Johnny's talent to watch over every boy. This brought tears into the interviewer's eyes.. We can see here that Johnny is indeed very concerned for his talents.

Meanwhile, Ryosuke is practicing his slacklining for the show, he's nervous that he's still making mistakes and falls off.

Just about every cd shop in Japan, there is a section dedicated to Johnnys idols.
There is a constant stream of new groups and each one attracts a huge following. As each of the group grows up, so does their fans, thus the result is a loyal, multi generation of market aka the Johnnys strategy.

November 10, 2012 - start of a 3 month run of Johnnys world

(Hey! Say! JUMP arriving on the venue in their regular clothes ^^ ...and Yamachan's nervous for his slack-lining act o_o)

The cost of the tickets were 12,000yen...wow.
plus the goods!

Johnny's World screenshots.

Yamada fell while flying around.

Yabu saying that the show must go on!

After the time travel, the start was from January up to the mysterious 13th month, along the way the producer shows the boys the historical tragedies and bloodbaths and asks them if utopia exists on Earth.

Yamachan's slack lining act:

But in the end they realized that Utopia is in themselves.

a wild Inoo Kei appears! *this is for my friends who are Inoo ichibanners ;P *

kyaaa *covers eyes* xD

What is entertainment?
Johnny said you musnt let the audience get bored, even for a minute. Your basic position is that should think that you are making something that everyone can join. If you are bored even for 1 minute, I will refund your ticket, that is my basic thinking.

If you dont please the audience, then the whole thing is totally pointless.

JE talents in their casual clothes coming out to greet, receiveletters and have a little chit chat with their fans. There is a specific line for each talent too! WAHHHHHH @_______@
Demachi - waiting at the stage door.
As it was cold during the winter, Johnny arranges for the performers to come out through the lobby.

Yabu getting a gift from a fan (lucky fan!! :3 )

Yamachan greeting his fans and saying that she already saw one girl yesterday as well :P

When a fangirl asked Yuya of what does he think of them, he said "As girlfriend....its true!" (even i kyaa-d lol XD)

In the end, Johnny said that entertainment is for the audience and the audience should not get bored..even for one minute! It's the fans that he wants to please, not himself. People should get their money's worth. We can see here that they are really giving importance to their audience^^ Even after he's gone (edit 07.10.2019...he already is T_T), Johnny said that the agency will surely still continue as there are a lot of young talents, there had been a lot of experience for the agency already. Johnny just watches and looks over them, and he's sure that the talents will be fine. (....T___T)

From this documentary, Miki concluded that he can see that Johnny is really sincere for this agency and he really has this big love for his talents.

As for me, I'm thankful for Johnny as well for his passion in this business^^ I saw that the talents are also involved in their own career in a sense that...they are not being bossed around, they are in charge and given a chance of their own career and future. They are treated as equals, their voice matters and as we can see, they are all working very hard so let's all give them our undying support and love.

<3 Alla Yamada
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